Data-driven Industry first -
Direct Point of Purchase Connectivity
to Your Customers, like no other!

Fobi is an industry-first disruptive technology that will transform the way businesses interact with their customers and forever change the world of retail! Fully data-driven, Fobi integrates real-time customer's point of purchase activities via Cloud POS-CRM technology.

Retailers gain CRM insights, allowing dynamic personalized interactions with customers via connected mobile services, as they explore products, and make instant real-time offers that customers are likely to appreciate!

Fobi is a leader in global digital transformation and partners with some of the largest tech companies in the world.
Retailers will want this. Investors will see Fobi grow fast as retailers log on.

Find out: Wallet Pass and Engagement Channel

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Why Invest?

Fobi connect


Our Fobi API and IoT device make it easy to connect systems without huge infrastructure or programming expenses, bridging the gap between online and offline data seamlessly.

Fobi - engage


Our aggregated Insight Portal
helps our retail & venue clients
understand buying behavior
and trends in real-time, creating
enormous marketing, inventory,
pricing & supply chain advantages.

Fobi - Insight


Our Wallet Pass technology and
engagement platform automates marketing processes & helps clients access new line revenue, reduce customer acquisition costs & prove marketing ROI.

Fobi provides a new engagement channel that transforms the way businesses interact with their customers

Fobi’s Wallet Pass and Engagement Channel enable retailers, CPG's, event sponsors, and more to communicate directly with their customers and build dynamic personalized interactions using the native software already on their Apple and Android devices. 

- Customers don't need to download additional apps on their phones.
- Update campaigns and view insights in real-time.
- Deliver fully mobile and secure coupons directly to consumers like never before.
- Integrates seamlessly with existing loyalty systems. 

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