Bringing sustainability, productivity, and profitability together in support of a greener future.

To us, sustainability is the sum of all the steps required to make farming a viable, profitable, and positive industry now and for years to come. To our growers, this means ensuring their land becomes a legacy contributing to the overall health of their local and the global communities.


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We believe that the fusion of Earth and technology is what keeps the planet sustainable for all of us.

Farmers are under pressure to grow more food using less. They face rising temperatures, a rapidly growing population, and evolving nutritional needs. At Farmers Edge, we believe that the fusion of earth and technology is the simple solution to address these challenges. Our approach to climate-smart farming is unique: we focus on the marriage of sound agronomy, advanced technology, and data science.

Hear how Farmers Edge is leading digital disruption in agriculture to help farmers increase sustainable food production and protect the economic viability of the farm.

Watch Farmers Edge, CEO and founder, Wade Barnes chat with Tony Chapman on Chatter that Matters about the impact smart farming has on global sustainability and the future of our planet.

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Our Impact

Delivering sustainable farming, water and land management practices to capture more carbon in the soil

Using 4R practices to optimize how the crop is fertilized, reduce nutrient losses and lower nitrous oxide emissions

Collecting +3B data points every hour and creating new levels of connectivity across the digital agricultural ecosystem

Combining connected field sensors, AI big data analytics and agronomic expertise to help farmers produce more food for a growing population

Support the future of a healthy planet.