Researching and Developing Evidence-Based Treatments for Addiction Recovery

Intersecting established pharmacology with emerging medical technology, Entheon Biomedical is developing a revolutionary and comprehensive addiction recovery solution that personalizes patient care through all stages of treatment. 

Despite currently available options, substance-related deaths continue to rise. Combining the scientific advancement of DMT, genetics and EEG biomarkers into one revolutionary treatment system will allow us to apply empirical, objective evidence that is currently missing from other treatment options, and avoid dire consequences faced by so many who are suffering with addiction disorders.

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Developing a comprehensive psychedelic medicine platform that incorporates technology and patient-appropriate drug therapies for the treatment of addiction

Utilizing genetics and EEG biomarkers to personalize assessment, monitoring and therapy design, replacing uncertainty and subjectivity with data and empiricism

Conducting nonclinical and clinical trials with DMT which is a highly potent and short-acting psychedelic molecule. This flexibility allows for greater control, safety and personalization of program design

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A New Dimension in Addiction Treatment